The Myli Gorge

While on a package trip to Rhethymnon, Crete, we made a day hike in the nearby Myli gorge.

The gorge

We took a taxi from our hotel in Rhethymnon to the top of the gorge. From the point where the taxi dropped us off, you could see the small taverna down in the gorge.

Taverna seen from starting point of hike

By the path from the road down into the gorge, there was a small chapel built into the rock wall.

Chapel in the rock

We stopped for a quick rehydration at the taverna.

The taverna

A short while later, there was a small chapel (closed) and cemetary.

Chapel and cemetary
Detail of chapel
By the chapel

A narrow path took us downhill back towards Rhetyhmnon.

Rhethymnon in the distance

The path followed a small stream, and alongside it there were overgrown ruins of what the guidebook said were Venetian watermills.

Ruins of Venetian watermill
A tree root penetrating a ruin wall

The path passed through a short tunnel.


In the standstone wall of the gorge, there was a small grotto.


A small aqueduct crossed the path.


From the lower end of the gorge, it was another couple of kilometers hike through the suburbs back to the hotel in Rhethymnon.

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