About bloute.com

Bloute.com is a web site for creating and sharing geo-enabled travelogues.

You can create a web travelogue with text, photos and maps in minutes and publish for all your friends to see. You can use bloute.com for trips of any size, from a walk around the block with the dog to an epic round-the-world journey. Use bloute.com to share your favorite jogging routes, bike rides, car excursions, hikes, vacation photos... the uses are limited only by your imagination.

If you bring a GPS unit with the capability to save your route as a "track", you can upload the track and bloute.com will display it on the map. If you don't have a GPS, you can add tracks to the map by hand.

If you take photos with a digital camera, bloute.com can geotag them for you, determining where each photo was taken by comparing a time stamp saved by the camera and the GPS track and automatically locating it on the map.

Anyone can view the trips published on bloute.com without registering, but if you want to publish a trip of your own, you need to register first. It's free, and we promise not to spam you.

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